Genealogy Record Searches Can Now be Done Online in Macoupin County

Those interested in searching Macoupin County records for genealogy can now look at the indexes online, Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan announced recently.

A searchable online index has been placed on his website allowing users to find if their relatives have records on file in Macoupin County. All birth, death, and marriage records prior to 1916 are available as part of the indexes. Duncan did remind those interested that the state did not require these records to be filed until 1916 so many times, no record was ever filed. If a record of your relative is found, a link will take you directly to the self service order form. Using that form, an order can be placed for a genealogy copy of the record.

Duncan said this is the next step in one of the most major projects his office has taken on since he became County Clerk. It began by scanning and indexing all birth, death, and marriage licenses on file in the office. Volunteers helped ensure quality control of the records images as well as indexed information. As that process was completed, the index creation could begin and be put online.

Duncan said there is still more work he wants to do in getting vital records available online, but the progress made so far is leaps and bounds better than before. Prior to Duncan starting the project, some of these records were only available after finding the correct file numbers in three separate books before getting the record to physically make a copy. Now, simple computer searches can find the record and print it out in a matter of minutes. Duncan also said this project has helped preserve these records for years to come, both by having a digital copy of the record as well not requiring physically touching of the record each time a copy is needed.

Those interested in searching through the genealogy records can visit and select ‘Genealogy Records’ under the ‘Vital Records’ tab.

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