Decade of Reform and Results



Ten years ago, when I was sworn in as County Clerk, I didn't just view it as a job. I wanted to change the way the office works for you. Ten years later, I'm proud of the results we've achieved and the reforms we've made. My goal has been clear, when you can get just about anything from your phone at any time or place, there's no reason the County Clerk's office can't do the same for you. We've still got work to do, but looking back, we've come pretty far. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on where we are and what we've done. After all, I work for you.

  • Total budget for County Clerk's office is less today than it was 10 years ago
  • Has brought in over $500,000 in grant funding since taking office
  • Returned nearly $250,000 to the general fund over the last 10 years
  • Operating with the smallest number of employees in the County Clerk's office since at least 1948
  • Placed over two decades worth of budget information online in an easy to use visualization tool at
  • Put the county checkbook online and made it easy to search nearly 15 years of what your tax dollars have been spent on at
  • Created an online salary database for nearly 15 years of county employee salaries with more information available than even the state database at
  • Launched, letting you check your registration, find your polling place, see your specific sample ballot, and contact your elected officials
  • Started a state of the art election results website that took results from a simple pdf to a precinct by precinct map for each race in Macoupin
  • Created an online election judge training course to better equip election judges
  • Began publishing Voter's Guide in all county newspapers, a comprehensive guide for all your questions and required notices, saving taxpayer dollars compared to running required notices separately
  • Expanded early voting to communities all across the county and to Blackburn College, allowing more people the opportunity to vote early
  • Completed for the first time voter file maintenance every two years as required by law to help ensure voter file is current and up to date
  • Created an online vote by mail application, saving taxpayer dollars by allowing for a paperless application that is more efficient for applicants
  • Upgraded the county's voting machines and ballot tabulators for the first time since they were implemented in 2004
  • Scanned and indexed all marriage and death records and nearly all birth records, protecting them from future damage while making it more efficient to receive a copy
  • Implemented online marriage application, allowing couples to begin the process at home
  • Allowed local funeral homes to print copies of death certificates right at the nursing home, allowing for families to more quickly get the required copies over having to wait for them to come to the Courthouse
  • Scanned and indexed three decades of assumed name business records allowing for businesses to more efficiently find copies of their records
  • Launched an online google maps directory of county businesses making it easier than ever to shop local
  • Started online access to property records, making searching something you can do 24/7 from your home
  • Scanned all recorded documents from the county's founding in 1829 to 2000, when the county began recording on computers, and placed them online. This preserved the historical documents while making getting a copy more efficient
  • Implemented e-Recording, which allows for all documents that don't require real estate stamps, to be recorded online. This cuts down on costs to taxpayers and wait time on getting a recorded document back.
  • Scanned and indexed all military discharge records, making it easier for us to find the records our veterans need for proof of their service and protecting the records for generations to come.
  • Placed a historical military discharge record online, meaning future generations will be able to quickly find the record of the sacrifice their family members made through military service
  • Launched 'Property Fraud Guard' Alerts, which allows anyone to sign up to receive a notification if anything is recorded for their name or property. If any fraudulent document is recorded, you'll know right away.

  • Launched a county board website that allows residents to see full agenda packets, find minutes of previous meetings, view Board member roll calls, and sign up for email notifications of meetings
  • Scanned and placed online over 40 years worth of board meeting minutes
  • Placed over 40 years of county board resolutions and ordinances online

  • Placed property tax extension reports from 1996 to present online, making it easier to review and track changes for local district property taxes
  • Worked with Assessor and Treasurer to create a property tax website that allows taxpayers to look up info on their property, see their current year bill, and get an estimate on how much delinquent taxes may be

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